Adam Eisenstat

Web Copy: Full site (About Us, Services, etc.)

Apo-Med (health economics co.) - February 06, 2016

I wrote the copy for this company’s Website from scratch (inc. About Us, Services, & Case Studies sections). The job required extensive project management and editorial direction.



Our mission is to help the world’s leading pharmaceutical, medical device, and medical diagnostic companies achieve market access for new medical interventions by applying health economics to their products’ development and marketing strategies. We achieve this by creating customized medical assessments and economic tools that foster clear, effective communications from manufacturers to health plan decision makers.

A Different Market Requires a Different Sort of Company

Pharmaceutical companies today face tighter budgets and increasing pressure from multiple fronts: regulations, competitors, other market forces. It’s a volatile era–the healthcare industry is changing in drastic ways. The “blockbuster drug” is a thing of the past . . . More patents expire every year than major new drugs come to market . . . Profit-to-earnings ratios have descended from the stratosphere and fallen back down to earth.

In this climate, reliable health economics research–a competitive advantage in the best of times–is more important than ever . . . Health care companies have to be quicker and savvier about understanding the marketplace, which means they have to use health economics (HE) more effectively–and the information has to be right.

Crises can arise at any time when a product’s in the market: an aggressive competitor’s surprise move, negative press, a sudden downturn in the economy . . . The successful companies will be those that react swiftly and smartly–which requires having the right information.

Versatile, Comprehensive, Agile

Apo-Med is a consortium of independent health economics professionals. Our internal expertise is supplemented by partnerships with firms with specialized skills. This gives us competencies across-the-board and the ability to offer “one-stop” for all HE services.

Apo-Med combines a strong market focus with rigorous scientific knowledge–we own the theoretical and the practical elements of all the data/research we provide.

Our agility and versatility means we’re more efficient and cost-effective.

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