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Art Writing

Click to see > All testimonials in 1 PDF I enjoyed working with you and was impressed by the ease of the whole process, as well as your methodical and pr...

Mr. Rogers was my actual neighbor. He was everything he was on TV and more.



What it was like growing up in the real Mr. Rogers’s neighborhood This year marks the golden anniversary of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood — 50 years since the...

Urban Greenways: Stalking the Ruins of Pittsburgh

Belt Magazine


Nestled within some of Pittsburgh’s many wooded hillsides, or “greenways,” are dark corners that harbor vestiges of long demolished houses, city blocks, and ...

The East Busway’s Singular Lens on Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Quarterly


This piece won a Golden Quill Award from the Press Club of Western Pennsylvania, in the category History/Culture Feature, Magazines. (Click to see > Artic... (MarCom & Art promotion articles)

My blog


Meta-Media: A blog about MarCom / Art Promotion . . . Less Hype, More Intrigue Some highlights: Zen Marketing: Passive Dimensions of Creating Positive Im...

Case Study & Media Campaign: Live Chat software

Provide Support (software co.)


This case study, examining a client's innovative use of Live Chat software, was part of a media campaign that produced a #2 Google ranking. (Click to see &gt...

Art Writing Samples: Artist statements, etc.

Various clients

Art Writing

The Art Writing Compendium is a collection of artist statements, bios, & grant essays (written for a variety of clients); with screen shots of artist sta...