Adam Eisenstat

Print Newsletter: “Corporate Universities International” (B2B content)

Corporate University Xchange (conference/consulting co.) - February 05, 2016

Corporate Universities International was a bimonthly print newsletter that published articles on strategically focused corporate training units, or corporate universities. (Click to see > Full issue of the newsletter.)

For three years I was the editor in chief and primary writer; part of my position as Director of Communications for Corporate University Xchange, a conference, consulting, and research startup (see résumé).

Soon after starting with the company, I upgraded and repositioned the existing newsletter, and transformed it into an essential publication for its niche. This was a major part of my broader effort to establish content as a key line of business, and also use it to increase the firm’s visibility. This strategy proved to be instrumental in generating press, gaining Fortune 500 clients, and making the company a preeminent brand; which led to it ultimately becoming a prime acquisition (it was sold to a dot-com at the height of the tech boom).